Freeware Version of TimeSage Timesheets

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Freeware Version of TimeSage Timesheets
« on: August 18, 2012, 12:51:41 PM »
Our software TimeSage Timesheets, has a free edition in its new 2.x version series.

With extended functionality for reporting the freeware edition contains everything we think a small business owner needs for time tracking. Simply create a project file for your jobs and start tracking the time you spend!

Some of the timesheet tools found in the freeware edition of our software include:
  • Billing can have sums down by task and group. Can include graphs and other statistics.
  • Configurable keyboard hot key that will open the timesheets window or timesheet menu.
  • Supports advanced salary calculations with fully customizable work periods defines.
  • All timesheets can be exported to to XML, HTML and CSV files for use in Excel, Calc etc.

Portable Timesheet Tool

You can install and run the program from an USB stick, all you need to do is change a single value to enable portable mode. This means you can take the time sheet software with you when doing work for clients on their locations.

More Information

Runs on almost any PC with Windows. Read more at:
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