All About The Amazon Affiliate Program

Started by Forum-Engine, October 04, 2011, 12:56:07 PM


I'd be interested in hearing comments from those of you currently using the Amazon affiliate program.

I'd heard bad things about it in the past, and so have always written it off. But it seems a good time to upgrade my outdated and not all that informed understanding.

What are the pros and cons of selling for Amazon?  What say you?

If a specific example might help, I'm thinking of using them on a nature site.



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At least in the past you would have to sign up for both US, DE, UK Amazon affiliate programs. But I don't think Amazon offered any help in matching up affiliate program with visitor or similar? Puzzles me why it is not one big affiliate program. But it has been *many* years since I last looked at it. I would be curious to know if anything changed? :)
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Maybe you can find out on the site of Amazon, they have wrote down on their website. :D


Affiliate marketing is when you endorse a product or service on your blog, site, and get a referral or sale fee.
Internet marketing is about more than permanent management, search engine-optimization and social networks.

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