Windows Mobile OS matter of choice

Started by heimannm, August 17, 2011, 05:38:55 AM


Windows Mobile OS matter of choice
the biggest reason is a matter for the OS on the market.
You know everyone in the Mac OS license for the camp is currently only have a self-only. MS, while the Windows Mobile camp, named by another company already has licenses to write a non-biting.
If you get the hardware from MS and other OS will be able to not adopt. Then the window will return peonage OS market because more threads. MS Windows Mobile licensing fees currently guiding still far from the $ 8 to $ 15 has been. When I saw two very challenging to keep the money MS is a big importer. Up a large portion of your income while giving mobile hardware into the market whether you are strangers.
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The Windows mobile OS has got crushed really when you look at the popularity of mobile OS that are extensively being used.

The most widely used OS is still the Symbian OS, followed by the Android and the iOS.


The Windows mobile OS has got compressed actually when you appear at the status of mobile OS that are expansively being used. The the majority of widely used OS is at rest the Symbian OS, followed by the Android and the iOS.We know everybody in the Mac OS certify for the camp is at present only have a self-only.
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symbion os by far is the best os still there in the market for mobile application.As far the window os is concern review is not still great.

james morgan

I would go with symbian os due to its compatibility with mobile phone.


Most of Window mobile use the license version of Window operating system which is one of the best operating system with lots of functionality along with it


It's Microsoft, so it will make  ICT market share on one name. When it comes to goal functionality, Windows Mobile  may have some cleaning  to do before really, it is spreading.


There are many type of smart phone with the various kind of operating system. If you have interest to chose any windows phone then you should be aware of their function so that you can easily use.


Yes, its purely a matter of choice as most people prefer to use Android over Windows Mobile OS. One advantage that Windows OS has over Android is that WinMo phone owners have the option to customize the available interface and to fit it the way they prefer to work.


I am agree about the window mobile OS.Windows OS smartphone is a very effective product right now.The company of windows,Microsoft want that windows OS is become very popular for handsets also in all the price levels.