You prefer Laptop or Desktop ?

Started by Talhajiya, April 02, 2012, 10:43:13 AM


So guys which one you prefer to use laptop or desktop. If you will ask me personally than I prefer Desktop instead of laptop because I have 24" TFT monitor and working at there is really a great pleasure.

But when I am mobile I would love to take my Laptop - Hp Pavillion.

Tell me guys about your choice.


You could combine a laptop with a big TFT monitor at home (just connect your laptop to external keyboard, mouse and monitor :)

Personally, I don't like working in front of laptops because of neck, shoulder, back etc.
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rakkhi sharma

I also feel more comfortable with desktop instead of laptop, but at home i used laptop instead of desktop.


I always prefer Laptop because it is portable and more secure than a desk top. I could carry it wherever I want and work with it.


i prefer Desktop b'coz it have more benefits .


I prefer desktop in office, and in home and during travel use laptop for heaving so many comfortable features.

Sophie Taylor

For me laptops come first as they are easily portable. But yes while working at office I prefer using a desktop as it is more convenient.


Laptop and Desktop both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Laptop is an potable system which is use anywhere and anytime. Due to it has battery back up, we can also use it when power compsution is not available.  Desktop is stand alone system which is use at one place and it require power compustion because it has not batter back up. I have laptop so I prefer laptop compare to desktop. 


I prefer laptop because of its portability functionality. We can use laptop at every where as well as due to batter backup facility, we are not getting any problem when power consumption problem is arise. 


As for me, it depends on my work - I prefer working at my PC in the office but at home nothing can be compared with a laptop which I can take with me wherever I want - to the bedroom, kitchen, garden, and the nearby river.


Laptop is all the time better cause it grabs less space, and functions same like the Desktop computer.


There is no point discussing. Days of Desktops are over, Nowadays most people prefer to use Laptops because of ease of using, greater flexibility and mobility, faster processing and reduced bills.


I am also prefer Laptop. Because Laptop computers are small personal computers designed for using on the move. They usually have all the functions of a desktop computer but are portable space-savers


Desktop. Don't like the touch pads on laptops and the keyboards position because of it is too far forward. Worrying less about heating issues and batteries dying is nice too. On top of better performance at a lower price.


 I would prefer laptop because its portable , u can travel anywhere having your laptop. For only this reason i would prefer Rest for reliability i would like my desktop .


Nice Opinion Guys,
But I prefer Laptop.

Alma Mott

I would go for laptop, its very handy and I can bring it anywhere I want, with same speed and specs as with my favorite deskstop.


Currently most of the people prefer laptop,because laptop is easily portable and high configuration.


I use a laptop because it is portable.