What is the use of Google Webmaster?

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In short, webmaster is an online tool by google that allows you to monitor your website's performance over the network and suggests you to make changes to improve your site wherever needed.


Webmaster is one of the most useful tools from Google that is used for following things:
1. It verifies that Google can access the content on your website.
2. Webmaster makes it possible to submit new pages and posts for Google to crawl and remove content you don't want search engine users to discover.
3. It helps you deliver and evaluate content that offers users a more visual experience.
4. You can maintain your website without disrupting its presence in search results.
5. It allows you to discover and eliminate malware or spam problems that may not be easily found through other means.


Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a channel from the world's largest search engine to your information, which can gain insight into the appearance of the site and help you find problems that need to be fixed.


With the help of Google webmaster, you can check the performance data of your website


GWT offers insights into how it sees your website and helping you uncover issues that need fixing.


Google Webmaster will help you to detect HTML errors of your website.

AMP report helps you check the errors like page load time, mobile ranking, server performance, etc.

Google Webmaster tools will help you find out the pages which Google is unable to crawl.

Fetch as Google/URL Inspection is used for test how Google renders your site.

URL Parameters will manage the duplicate content and set preferences for Google on how you want each parameter types to be treated.

Remove URLs tool quickly help you to remove all the duplicate contents.

The Links to Your Site report in Google webmaster tools gives you the report of what websites are linking.


Google Webmaster Tools is a sweet suite of Google SEO tools that provides data and configuration control for your site in Google. If you're doing any SEO and you don't find value in GWT, you either use a paid tool that re-uses GWT data or you have an untapped gold-mine.


Webmaster helps to index websites in Search Engines. After connecting your website with webmaster google crawls and index your website in the Search engine result page.


Google webmaster tool is a search engine tool used to submit your website to increase the visibility in Google searches. The tool also helps to find backlinks, submit sitemap and analyze various data to improve optimization techniques for your website.
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1. Stay up to date with quality guidelines
2. Structured data or HTML improvements
3. Keywords
4. Crawling info
5. Sitemaps
6. Mobile usability
7. Links to your site
8. See how fast your site is


With the use of Google webmaster tool, you can control your website errors, coverage issues, indexing problems, etc. You can also track the performance of your website. Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results
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Google Webmaster is an online tool that allows website owners to manage their websites' search engine rankings. By using Webmaster tools, website owners can identify and correct errors on their websites, as well as add new content that may increase the visibility of their sites in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, Webmaster tools can be used to generate traffic to a website, which can then be monetized through advertising.
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