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How will you accurately filter out all brand related queries from getting reflected under queries section in Analytics?      
Thanks for sharing. It is very helpful to me.
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A “redirect” is simply a method for taking a visitor who has requested one URL and sending them to a different URL.
For example, A piece of mail arrives at your old address but you don't live there anymore - you have moved. The post office knows this and forwards your mail to the new address.
All off-page techniques are helps to get backlinks for a website and traffic.
Off page techniques are:
Guest blogging
Blog content
Profile creation
Local listing
Image sharing
Blog commenting
Social bookmarking
Directory submission
Classified ads
Website Crawling and Indexing / Re: How to index links faster?
« Last post by salenaadam on Today at 05:29:45 AM »
A some of the simple tips to increase your site’s index speed:
-Using the methods above, find and fix all the errors.
-Make sure your site is fast.
-Add an XML sitemap to your site and submit it to the search engines.
-If all of that fails to improve your crawl speed, start link building.
Web 2.0, blog writing, guest blogging is  one of the best off page Techniques
Website Crawling and Indexing / Re: What is 301 redirect?
« Last post by praveenitech1 on Today at 05:14:00 AM »
301 Redirect is the permanent redirection
it is a type of keyword which uses for covered our keywords within a number of words
Long Tail Keywords can easily get SERP Rankings.we can quickly get the rankings for the long tail keywords
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