Grow and Combine Your Keyword Lists

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Growing Your Keyword List
Do you bid on keywords in a pay per click search engine? Wish you could easily grow your keywords to more targeted and possibly also less expensive ones? In this article I will introduce you to the keyword and PPC related tools found in our software, A1 Keyword Research. Among other things, it has many keyword explosion tools that can take your keyword lists and bidding further more easily than the alternatives found.

First Find Some Keywords
You need keywords that describe what you need, e.g. keywords. Possibly also some action verbs, e.g. find. If you do not have any keywords, you can use our above mentioned keyword and SEO software.

Mass Edit and Manage Your Keyword Lists
If you prefer video guides instead of articles, please see our video tutorial from 2012 demonstrating all the keyword list tools:
In the rest of this tutorial, we are going to address following topics:
  • Combine and tumble keyword lists
  • Permutation of phrases in a keyword list
  • How to cover typo and spelling errors
  • Various tools to clean your keyword lists
How to combine and tumble keyword lists together
Assume you have following 3 keyword lists:

Keyword list group #1:
  • keywords
  • keyword
Keyword list group #2:
  • research
  • marketing
Keyword list group #3:
  • program
  • software
  • tool
Use tumble to input to get following keyword phrases:
  • keyword marketing program
  • keyword marketing software
  • keyword marketing tool
  • keyword research program
  • keyword research software
  • keyword research tool
  • keywords marketing program
  • keywords marketing software
  • keywords marketing tool
  • keywords research program
  • keywords research software
  • keywords research tool
Have Permutations Cover All Word Orders in All Phrases
Assume you have following keyword phrase in "input":
  • keyword marketing program
The word order tool can permutate above sentence into:
  • keyword marketing program
  • keyword program marketing
  • marketing keyword program
  • marketing program keyword
  • program keyword marketing
  • program marketing keyword
How to Take Your Keyword Lists to The Next Level
Can you imagine the number of thousands of phrases above two tools can generate for you? Well, we are not done! :) Do you have customers that found you using spelling and typo errors in their searches? Probably not... But maybe you will soon. Move your keyword list into "input" and get ready to use following 3 tools:
  • "Missing space". Example: "keyword research" adds "keywordresearch".
  • "Missing letter". Example: "keyword marketing" adds "keyword markeing", "keyword markting" etc.
  • "Switched letter". Example: "keyword tool" adds e.g. "kewyord tool", "keywrod tool" etc.
Cleaning and Sorting Your Final Keyword List
Everyone is different, but if you like to have neat keywords lists here are the tools you need:
  • Filter on min/max characters/words
  • Filter on allow list of characters (to remove illegal)
  • Lower case all keyword phrases
  • Sort keyword phrases
  • Trim for superfluous spaces
  • Remove words repeated, e.g. "phrase phrase expansion"
  • Remove phrase duplicates, e.g. "research program" and "research program"
  • Remove permutations, e.g. "keywords explode" and "explode keywords"
Above is just one of many tools available in A1 Keyword Research.
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