How to Identify Anchor Text in Current A1 KW Analyzer

Started by TheAverageGenius, August 29, 2012, 05:20:04 PM


I'm very new to this tool but LOVE it so far. One of the threads here asked about anchor text analysis, requesting it be added to the tool. Well I can't say this is an answer to the request, but you CAN easily identify anchor text given a URL.

Here is the original thread by the way:

So the way to do it is simple.

1) Select "SEO and PPC Tools" tab.

2) Under "Tools > Text Weight in Elements" set EVERYTHING to 0.1 (or less) EXCEPT the "anchor text".

3) Assign a high number to the weight of the anchor text. I chose 9.

4) Select "analyze" and there you have it - a list of the anchors used on a page.

This isn't perfect as I only know how to do it per page - I used a domain root URL and got a lot of results, but I'm not sure if this is site-wide or not. Still: it's a start.

It would be nice to have this crawl the entire site and tell me which texts are anchors, the weight rule would still show you the importance of each and you can see which keywords are being used for anchors...

I'd still like to see a list of where the anchor text appears, and their landing pages as well. But nonetheless, I found uses for this already. Hope that helps.


You can run sitewide "keyword analysis on each page" during a crawl:

While that is cool :) it is still not the same as being able to see the internal backlink anchor text to each page.


I am planning for this feature to be rolled out in A1 Keyword Research. Possibly also A1 Website Analyzer.

(It could be useful in other tools as well, e.g. the A1 Website Search Engine offline + online site search tool.)

However, I have to weigh 3 things against each other:
* Crawling large sites (like million page sites)
* Collecting data
* Speed

Often when making even small additions, you can sometimes risk seeing memory starting to fragment or otherwise grow of reasons you did not foresee or encounter in tests run against normal-sized websites.

Nontheless, it is planned and slowly underway :)
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That's true, and it's a feature few tools offer (or if they do offer it, at least I've found they work very slowly). I just now noticed you can input any document into the "raw text" field to check its keyword density/etc., which is great when you're doing some competitive analysis against pages that are ranking for your keywords.

Compare your page vs. theirs to see if there's something very different in what you're doing, it's pretty cool.

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