How to use KeyWord Research?

Started by lummi, November 26, 2012, 04:25:08 AM



I have downloaded version 4.1.1 trial version and I like what I see. I like it so much that I am willing to spend to purchase the software however  the program is not so user my opinion.

What I am mainly interested in is to find long keywords but I am little bit confused how with your software.

There are 2 tabs -

Keyword and lists
Keywords [Suggest]

If I have understood correctly the second tab KeyWords [Suggest] is used to query search engins for suggestions provided by the search engine. So lets say I have in input - " tomato soup recipe" and then press suggest related button.
It then will give me 10 entries in combined analys data table.
In the tabel there are columns - related and score But what do they mean?

Next the tab keyword and lists tab....
This tab is to play with words and sentences? To mix and shuffle and then you can use that data to copy inside Keywords Suggestion input?

What I am wondering is just what steps should be used inside KeyWord Research program. I have read the documentation but honestly I still have troubles understanding the method how to use your program correctly to be able to find long keywords.


Concerning the  the keyword and lists tools:

These are really useful to create, mass-edit and manage your keyword lists when doing PPC and similar.

I suggest you check out the video:

And the written tutorial of course:
(but really, the video shows it all better)


Concerning the keyword suggestion tools, check this help page:
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First sorry for my late reply.
Ok I have checked the documentation and video tutorial and I have some better understanding how the software works and its features - thanks!

I am going to buy this app right now but one last question.
It say - "one year of free upgrades" Does it count from purchase date and 1 year forward ?
Also I can confirm that the software works 100% in Wine with Ubuntu...



Yes. If 5.x is released within one year of your purchase, you can retrieve a free upgrade to 5.x. For more info see:

Glad to hear you can confirm the software works under WINE! :)
TechSEO360 |  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.

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