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Started by rickherman, September 12, 2010, 10:25:13 AM


I suspect you have a reason for restricting the active keyword phrase count to a single keyword at a time, but is there a way (or would you consider) allowing a list of these to be evaluated?

I realize there are query issues with the search engines, but other programs I have use a "Search Engine Friendly" setting that slows down the queries and number of connections to not over tax their servers. Some also use API keys which allow a certain amount of access. I am looking for software that allows me to compare the level of keyword competition for a fairly long list of potential keywords. In effect returning what your A1Keyword Research does on an individual basis.

My main criteria is competitive page rank, although I would also like to see if the keyword is present intitle and in url. For me competition levels are less important but I might factor that in as well.  I would create an index for each of these from the spreadsheet the tool generates.

BTW, I have been using your A1 website analyzer for almost two years and think it's the best tool in its class. This area of SEO research has so many tools but so many of them are poorly created or maintained. I really appreciate the quality of effort you put into your tools.

Thank you.


What version are you using of A1 Keyword Research?

A1 Keyword Research goes to great effort not to over tax search engines! (Something I spent a lot of time on ensuring users will not encounter problems.) You can even define the max/min wait time values between new queries and just moving through search result page. See this about adding and editing search engines. It is actually a fairly generic scraper in which you can define in great detail how to query, behavior/timing and extract data :)

If you are doing position checking, you can can easily check multiple search phrases, domains and search engines in search engine position checking (just updated help page)

I will add supporting multiple search phrases in competition position analysis like you suggest :) Offhand there should be no a problem in doing so!
Competition position analysis already lists titles etc. and a combined weighted keyword density score (which includes titles, headers etc. This scoring will soon include keywords in URLs as well!) You can configure how it scores keywords in pages.

If you have any ideas for more features I can add to A1 Keyword Research or A1 Website Analyzer, let me know! (A1 Website Analyzer recently got custom search and spell checker)
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Version 2.3.4. Thank you for your quick response and willingness to add the multiple active keyword phrase input. It would be great to be able to add them both from a text file and as a copy and paste. I work with large amounts of keywords as part of a long tail SEO approach. Having the presence of the keyword in the URL as part of the competitive analysis will be great. Again, thank you for a great tool.


Oh, sorry to be a pest, but if you are adding multiple active keyword phrases, could you consider adding the keyword to each line of the csv file output? It would look something like the table below

iso 9000   1   1.1   6   218   1478
iso 9000   2                                    0      8   6   701750
iso 9000   3   6.03   5   18   2
iso 9000   4   1.51   5   8   160
iso 9000   5                    0   1   0   17
iso 9000   6   4.05   3   6   103
iso 9000   7   4.83   3   3   187
iso 9000   8   1.27   5
iso 9000   9   2.92   5   1   0

web hosting   1   1.1   6   218   1478
web hosting   2   0   8   6   701750
web hosting   3   6.03   5   18   2
web hosting   4   1.51   5   8   160
web hosting   5   0   1   0   17
web hosting   6   4.05   3   6   103
web hosting   7   4.83   3   3   187
web hosting   8   1.27   5   5   5
web hosting   9   2.92   5   1   0

This would continue for each of the keywords being analyzed.

Thanks again.


I will try make it into 2.3.5 or 2.3.6 :) The general "export data philosophy" is "what control contains is what you export" :)
So yes, if (or more correctly when) I add URLs they are automatically included when export data in grid/views.

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Certainly undertsand the philosophy and appreciate the multiple KW capability whenever you add it.

Just so you know why I asked. What I do is to create an average of the competition factors for each group of the first ten keywords. (I do this now manually in a spreadsheet and used a different tool, which unfortunately is no longer available, hence my interest in AI Keyword Research. ) So I end up with one number for each keyword. I then compare the keyword "groups" to see which is the least competitive. Without the keyword listed for each line, or at least for each group, I have to manually go in and match them up from the original search. This is not a problem if you are doing a few at a time, but as I mentioned I often investigate hundreds if not thousands at a time, so it would speed things up. Perhaps you could list the keyword on the screen?

In any event, thanks for what you are proposing. I certainly will be able and willing to use whatever the output of your efforts will be. Over and out.


Just a quick update. Everything discussed makes it into 2.3.5 of A1 Keyword Research :)
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