What does the "G Search Results" in "Position Analysis" Mean?

Started by TheAverageGenius, August 29, 2012, 04:58:34 PM


I'm in the 30-day trial period but love the tool for KW discovery and finding the top competitors in a niche for a set of KW's all at once (that's priceless). But in the "position analysis" module I don't understand the "G Search Results" column - it gives a figure that doesn't make sense to me.

For instance, if I feed the tool 10 keywords to find the top 10 competitors in each KW, sometimes the column will say "120" or "3,741" etc. What's it referring to? Not every row has this result, so I'm curious what it means.

Also - I've looked online for the user guide but there are a lot of columns like this that don't make sense and need some definition. Is there a readme file or something to explain the terms used?

Thanks. And so far I love the A1 website analyzer and this tool, will likely be buying both. The only problem I'm having is understanding how to either navigate to the tool I need (there are a lot of features), or understanding the terms being used by the tool.



Check this help article:

You can also check the tutorials found here:

I am planning on creating more videos. (e.g. A1 Website Analyzer has quite a few more videos)

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Thanks for the quick reply - that screenshot doesn't align with the current release. For instance, the Yahoo! Site Explorer no longer exists, so the "Yahoo! Links" no longer appears in the tool.

Currently there are two columns I don't understand (not shown in the picture):

A) A Domain TR (I'm guessing this is trustrank? How is that calculated?)
B) G Search Results (which is what I directly asked about).

G Search Results doesn't make sense to me, and I do SEO for a living. It would make sense to me if this was a count of the number of pages in Google's index for a given keyword (an "exact match" search in quotes in Google), but it's not because it doesn't appear in every row.

Please help me understand these two terms. Thanks again.


You can hover the mouse cursor over the column headers to see explanations :)

All Yahoo columns are gone since Yahoo closed off their stuff.

"A Domain TR" = "Alexa Domain Traffic Rank"

"G Search Results" = Google Search Results" (count)

(Only shown once per unique search phrase. So for instance if you have one search phrase top 10 results, you will only see it listed once. Is that a bad idea with concern to e.g. Excel exports? If so, I can easily change it.)
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Thanks again for the reply.

When I hover over the column headers, there are no tooltips displaying for me. Also - your explanation of the G Searches is what I suspected, and it's perfect the way it is. Thanks so much for the help!

(I was WAY off on the Alexa Ranking thing! But that's a great idea to include, thanks.)


Hmm... I just checked my builds where hovering over the column headers seem to work.

What operating system + bit are you running? It should work assuming you are using latest version.
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Windows 7 64-Bit. It's not giving me suggestions, not sure if I deselected by accident or what.


Hmmm... Okay... Odd but thanks for reporting!

It should popup if you hover + hold still mouse cursor on the column headers themselves

(Does on my Win7 64bit, but sometimes small changes can matter a great deal with these things. I will try see if I can duplicate the problem.)
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Quote from: kradha707 on September 21, 2012, 04:55:15 AM
Even I am getting the two results for my website keywords.

Hi Kradha,

could you clarify the problem? I don't see the original OP mentioning anything about two results? But if (while using standard settings?) you are only getting two results please either write here or email
http://www.microsystools.com/home/contact.php details including the query phrase! :)
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