IMPORTANT... Missing Features!!!

Started by kgibbs, July 26, 2011, 02:46:30 PM


A few ideas to make this even more useful:

- Floating and docking options:
-- Float (always on top)
-- Float (normal)
-- Drag to dock on any border

- Options for how directories are opened:
-- In new explorer window
-- In current explorer window or last used... if present

- Customizable and pre-built menu styles: (e.g. like a fancy website, but for windows explorer navigation)
-- Custom buttons
-- Dropdown/slideout menus

Currently, there isn't any way "in MS Windows" that I know of to navigate directory hierarchies and folders with a customizable menu (e.g. like CSS or java style dropdown/slide-out menus).
-- This would be an incredible asset for many industries (i.e. law firms, advertising agencies, graphics departments, etc.)
-- Do this and you will rule!!! 8)

I would pay $1000 or more for this today!!! ... Hint! ;)


Really appreciate when people submit suggestions to the forum! Thanks! :)

Are you sure you need customizable menus? Launcher can draw a side-bar-caption with the name of the menu folder if you choose it in options....

You can also prepare folders with shortcuts and then share those folder with other users? If you need it for something in a company with a predefined list of shortcuts? I assume that is what you mean by lots of companies could use it? If it was easier to "pre-package" a list of shortcuts to all employees?

I would like to get more details. Maybe by implementing a thing or two and "touching" (i.e. slightly expanding/changing) some others, I can get *pretty close* to what you need! :)
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