Considering a partner

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Considering a partner
« on: October 06, 2013, 08:09:42 AM »
Hi guys. I am from the UK and in 2003 I moved to Indonesia where I met and married a wonderful local girl. Quite a few friend asked me where they could find such a smashing wife like mine and some of the wife's friends asked her were they could find a nice husband like me :-) Sounded like great idea for a website which I started. Although we have arranged quite a few happy marriages, the site is really not that successful and I am a little surprised as here the women don't really care that much about a blokes age, looks or financial position. Finding suitable women here is fairly easy for us. Many are attracted to Western men. It's the men who are a problem. Lots of talk but not too many serious guys. I put the site together myself, wanting it to look more personal than businesslike and as I can do a bit of HTML. So, if I could find someone who understands promotion and design and can procure suitable interested men, I would consider a partnership. If interested, get in touch and I'll show you what I have.


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