What are the types of PPC?

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Types of PPC:
Search Advertising
Display Networking
Social Media Advertising
Google Shopping

Williams Reus

Pay per click advertising is an invaluable marketing avenue for your business. It offers instant visibility online, and is a must for companies looking for both a quick win and a long term lead generator. But with so many types of PPC available, it can be tough to determine which is best for your business goals.


Type of PPC
Search advertising
We've all seen PPC search adverts, although you may not know that's what they were. The most common type of search ad can be spotted on Google, although Bing has their own too. If you Google something, you will notice them at the top and bottom of the organic results. By entering the auction to have your business's ad show here, you can advertise exactly where people are searching for your products or services.
Social advertising
If connecting with customers socially is your preferred way of marketing your goods, social PPC might be for you. You can place your ad in your target demographics' newsfeed, or in their social hangouts. You don't even need a large social media presence to have ads running within social media, you simply need an account!
Ever been on a website and then seen their advert pop up somewhere else? You've been remarketed to. This is a really effective method of PPC and targets people that have already shown a genuine interest in your company. Seeing your advert again may just be enough to convince them to convert on your website.
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Paid Search
Social Media Adverts
Display Ads


Quote from: Williams Reus on September 29, 2016, 10:45:48 PMBut with so many types of PPC available, it can be tough to determine which is best for your business goals.

With these types of PPC campaigns it can help your business otherwise not due to expenses that are wasted because of not properly implemented ads. However it will require further analysis and test to filter the most effective ads for conversions and less expenses.


  • Search Network Campaigns
  • Display Network Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Re-marketing Campaigns


Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked
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1. Search advertising – AdWords and Bing Ads
2. Social advertising – Facebook and LinkedIn
3. Remarketing
4. Display advertising
5. Google Shopping

Gary S

There are 5 types of PPC:

  • Search Advertising
    Display Networking
    Social Media Adverts
    Google Shopping


I have seen only main two types of ppc
1. Search advertising-(adwords and bing add)
2.Social Advertising -(facebook and linked in)


PPC advertising is a valuable marketing way for your business. It deals immediate online visibility &  it is an essential for companies looking for both a rapid success & a long term lead creator. There are 5 types
1. Search Advertising
2. Social Advertising
3. Remarketing
4. Display Advertising
5. Google Shopping


1. Search Ads
2. Shopping Ads
3. Video Ads


Search Advertising  , Display Networking  , Social Media Advertising ,  Re-marketing  , Google Shopping


Different types of pay-per-click:
1. Paid search marketing
2. Display advertising
3. Affiliate marketing
4. Price comparison website advertising
5. Social media advertising

manish jadhav

Quote from: cinemagicllc on September 29, 2016, 06:03:59 AM
Types of PPC:
Search Advertising
Display Networking
Social Media Advertising
Google Shopping
Yes.These are the type of PPC.anyone can use this any PPC types and get more traffic on your website..


Types of PPC:
1. Price comparison website advertising
2. Display advertising
3. Price comparison website advertising
4. Affiliate marketing
5. Retargeting PPC advertising etc.

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