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Started by CodeDog, May 28, 2010, 10:45:32 AM


We usually use sitemappers built into our development software, but lately we've needed to create more and more sitemaps for customers who already have sites built, but want better SEO.  I went searching over the past week for the best software to do that.  Some programs were limited in scope, and some demos wouldn't even completely map a simple six page site.  Then I found Microsys.  After demoing it for a day I knew it was the one to purchase.  Not only does it have more options and functionality, it also works flawlessly.

While demoing Sitemap Generator, I also came across Website Download.  I'd tried various site download utilities in the past, but was never pleased with the results.  My first test with WD was on one of my forum sites, which usually give site downloaders a lot of problems.  WD, again, not only worked flawlessly, but the resulting download was much better than I'd hoped for.

Both these packages are incredibly well written applications, and I'm extremely pleased with both.  I haven't had to make use of tech support yet, but I see here on the forums that they are very responsive to customers.  It's refreshing to find a company that produces a great product and also supports it well.

Just wanted to say thanks...



Thanks for your kind words :)

I really strive to to have my software handle sites competing products can not, so I am always delighted to hear when customers let me know I have succeeded! Should you ever encounter a problem (which happen time to time for all software), do please let me know :)
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You definitely have succeeded Whf.  And I forgot to mention above that the full working demo helps a lot too.  I've demoed programs that only allow a limited number of pages to be sitemapped or downloaders that only do a few pages, but after you buy them you find out they can't handle larger sites well, if at all.  Your fully working demos let me see what they could handle in real world situations before I purchased, and that helped a lot in making the decision to purchase.

I wouldn't hesititate to purchase more of your products...


Just need to second that.  I've been using with my somewhat unusual website for a while now, and it gives me great control over how my sitemaps come out.
In addition, tech support is second to none.
Great product.

Randy Browning

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