APPCRASH when generating sitemap

Started by enplus, May 23, 2012, 01:24:55 AM



I always got the APPCRASH problem when generating the sitemap. Because the generator just crashed suddenly, I have no idea is it any problem url in my site. My site is

Please help. Thank you very much.


I assume you are using A1 Sitemap Generator version 4.0.4?
If using an older version, please download the latest from:

If you are using an old version, downloading the newest may solve the problem. In particular, if the problem happens while building the sitemap (and not while crawling the website?), I am almost sure it will solve the problem.



A1 Sitemap Generator may have run out of memory. However, with some simple settings, you can easily increase capacity in A1 Sitemap Generator to x2 to x10 (estimates, depend on website, computer etc.) as the basic problem usually is he fact that A1 Sitemap Generator defaults to collect a lot of data.


Essentially A1 Sitemap Generator 4.x installer comes with 3 executables, same source, but compiled in 3 different ways:

  • Sitemap_64b_W2K.exe - Unicode strings + 64bit executable (largest memory usage)

  • Sitemap_32b_W2K.exe - Unicode strings + 32bit executable (somewhat lower memory usage)

  • Sitemap_32b_W9xNT4.exe - Codepage strings + 32bit executable (lowest memory usage)

You can find (and run) all the executables in the directory whereto you installed A1SG


To see all options, switch off "Easy mode":

Underneath are listed some options that matters when it comes to memory usage.

Recommended in your situation - no downside:

Tab "Scan website", sub-tab: "Crawler engine":
Choose "HTTP using WinInet engine and settings (Internet Explorer)"

(This may be the default in the future. I am still investigating why Indy HTTP library, the current default, for some websites use more memory.)

Only suggested if you only create standard XML sitemaps:

Tab: "Scan website", Subtab: "Data collection"

  • Un-check option: "Store redirects, links from and to all pages, statistics etc. data"
  • Un-check option "Store "meta" keywords for all pages
  • Un-check option "Store "meta" description for all pages
  • Un-check option "Store titles for all pages

If you in "scan progress" have grossly many "Init found link" jobs, that can be a problem since those jobs "sits there" holding memory.

Per default, A1 crawler defaults to use GET requests when it hits a page URL for the first time. This makes A1 prioritize "analyzing" pages quickly afterwards since GET requests return all page content into memory. This can sometimes mean the "init link" queue grows since it is only done when no other "Analysis" jobs are waiting.

If on other hand using HEAD requests, many URLs are quickly tested transferring only HTTP headers. (This in turn also does that new detected links are quickly recognized as already tested. Thus the queue never grows big.) The downside to using HEAD, however, is that some servers respond buggy to HEAD requests.

You can change (i.e. uncheck) this setting in:
Scan website | Crawler engine | Default to GET for page requests
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Thank you for your reply.

I am using the most updated version. And I have followed the options you suggested but still no good...

The program will stop on scanned about 2900 pages. Because it just stopped suddenly, I cannot find out which url is having problem when the crawler engine reached. I have used A1 sitemap generator to generated the sitemap for another web site which is having more than 100000 pages with no problem at all. So I think it should not be a lack of memory problem. There maybe some bug in my web site too. I am trying the 64 bit version see if it can solve the problem or not. Thanks!!!


If A1 Sitemap Generator merely stops the website scan:
Are you sure you aren't using noindex, nofollow or robots.txt?

Under all circumstances, please email directly at with your website address. It is hard to tell the problem without running a test. (Even if here is some sort of issue with your website, it should not affect A1 Sitemap Generator)
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