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Started by mkv4, July 18, 2012, 02:45:43 PM


I've been trying to figure this out for a few hours now.

I'm trying to generate a video sitemap of videos that appear only on certain pages on my website so I can submit the sitemap in Webmaster Tools. I have a list of all of the URLs where the videos appear on my site, and I want A1 Sitemap Generator to crawl and analyze ONLY that list of pages (it's about 3000 URLs). Is there a way to enter that list, crawl only those pages, and then generate a video sitemap based on that analysis? THANKS!



It should not be a problem.

Switch of "easy mode"

Follow video sitemap tutorial

Then read this how to import a list of URLs and crawl those:
Do make sure you don't end up excluding video and image file locations


Another method instead of importing would be step 1+2 and then manually create exclude analysis filters
before scanning the website

Please write and/or email back if you can not get it working :)
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Thanks for the reply. I'm still having some trouble getting this to work. I know now (I think) that it's related to my inability to prevent crawling of pages I don't want crawled.

If, for example, I wanted the crawler to crawl only and not follow internal/external links and then crawl those pages, how would I tell A1 to crawl only the URLs I specify and not follow any outbound links and crawl them?

Remember that I'm only using the program to generate a video sitemap. I want A1 to crawl and create a sitemap that contains the embedded video on that page only. I already have the list of all of the URLs on which the videos appear; I'm simply trying to save time by having A1 generate the video sitemap instead of having to do it manually.

Any ideas? Thanks again for your help.


After importing your URL list

you can select all your page URLs and add them all to the "limit to" list in "output filters" and "analysis filters"
(by using the green button, see help, #2 screenshot)

Then use the video sitemap preset.

And hit the "start scan" button


If that still does not work, please drop an email to support with the relevant files attached:
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