Creating Google Sitemap with .flv files

Started by patrickbryant, March 18, 2010, 05:58:10 PM


I'm trying to use A1 Sitemap Generator to create my google sitemap, but it is only seeing the few .wmv's I have on my site.
I'm hoping it can be reconfigured to find my JW Player code and the flv's. Do you have any thoughts?

This is the JW Player code from our site:
<script src="swfobject.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<div id="mediaspace">Video Clip</div>

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
var so = new SWFObject('','mpl','620','350','9');
so.addVariable('author','Go To Team');
so.addVariable('description','Orlando Camera Crew shoots documentary short in Africa');
so.addVariable('plugins', 'gapro-1,viral-2');
so.addVariable('gapro.accountid', 'UA-966913-1');
// ]]></script>



I am assuming you are trying to create Google video sitemap?
(e.g. using the "quick preset" that among other things adjust
options ensuring that ".flv" URLs are collected by crawler)

Seems a recent change in my HTML parser code causes this issue :(

Short version:
I will have a new release very soon, probably public release saturday/sundag.
(Feel free to email or page me directly, and you can probably have it sooner.)

Long version:
What happens is that my crawler extracts text strings found in Javascript code.
For each string, it tries to determine what the content is. (HTML, URL, something else)
For this it among other things invoke HTML parser to see if any HTML is found in the text string.

However, a change in my HTML parser now requires the caller to check
result data in a different way to understand what kind of element was
found (tag start, tag end, comment, doctype, raw text etc.)

...And so this problem slipped through :(

Thanks for reporting this issue!
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Thanks, I'll look forward to the update. Yes, I am trying to create a google video sitemap... and have about 130 pages throughtout my site with that code using the JWplayer to embed flv files.


A1 Sitemap Generator 2.1.2 has now been released.

I believe it will solve your problems. There is a small "but" however...

I only get a little above 80 unique flv files. If you are sure you have 130, then my work may not be done yet :) If you can point me to FLV video files that A1SG misses (and from where they are referenced) please feel free do so! (forum, PM or email)

I am going to forum PM you with details + project file + video sitemap file.
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PERFECT! Yes, you were right... about 80 unique files.


Happy to hear it worked out :)

Let me know if you encounter any other problems! :)
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