Generated sitemap.xml is missing pages?

Started by rconn, June 06, 2012, 06:04:23 AM


I recently converted my site to joomla 2.5.4.  When I run the A1 Sitemap Generator (3.4.8), it retrieves all of the pages, and the "Analyze website" tab shows everything.  (Including some "Moved Permanently" and "Moved Temporarily" pages -- is it retrieving those from the .htaccess?)

However, when I go to the "Create sitemap" tab, select "XML Sitemap: Sitemaps Protocol (Google Sitemap)" and click on "Build now", the generated sitemap is missing all of the (dynamic Joomla?) pages in the root directory.

The web site is  The index page is index.php.  Examples of the pages that are in the "Analyze website" tab but missing in the sitemap.xml are:


I tried opening a new project with the default settings, and get the same result.  Is there some option(s) I need to set to get it to work with Joomla?

(If you want to try to reproduce this, you should probably exclude the and directories, as those will pull in 10K additional pages.)

Thanks for your help.


Hi Rex,

I suggest you download version 3.5.1 if you are using 3.x

Concerning where A1SG finds 301/302 URLs: It does so by follow links and redirects:


Regarding your problem, check the source of:

I can see it contains
<link href="" rel="canonical"/>

which would explain what you are seeing.
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Hi Gavind,

You should only use version 3.5.1 if you have a 3.x license which you do not wish to upgrade, e.g. if you purchased 3.x more than an year earlier compared to the 4.0.0 release date. (Your 3.x purchase date determines if the 4.x upgrade is free or discounted.)

If you are a a new user to A1 Sitemap Generator, I recommend you download the latest release, version 4.0.5 from:
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