Generating HTML multi page/column sitemap for my website template/theme

Started by hammy, December 18, 2015, 09:02:11 PM



I am trying your A1 Sitemap Generator software for my website that contains a very large amount of links. I am looking to have the sitemap included and match my website layout and theme as it is a bootstrap html website.

I have looked at these links here and it does not tell me how to make the template file for the sitemap:-

If it does then I cannot understand how you create a custom template to create a html site map that would match my website design.

Also please in the:-

Create Sitemap >> HTML Code and Options >> Code

Is there a way to see a notepad style view of the code instead of it being split into thin windows?

Thanks in advance for your time.


You can try load some of the builtin templates to see how it it is done. There are quite  few examples giving quite different layouts.

QuoteCreate Sitemap >> HTML Code and Options >> Code

This is where you change what code is emitted at the various points when the HTML sitemap is generated. (e.g. what code o emit before/after a sitemap enry is added)

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Thank you for your reply.

Do you have any links to some examples or are you refering to the examples that are included with the software install? If you are talking about them then I have looked at those and it does not make it any clearer on how I make my own template? Does it have to be a ini file? There are no real instructions on creating your own custom template that I can find :(

Also with regards to the code view. I was asking if I can have a 'Notepad' style view or a open window style that is not in seperate thing window and Not a seperate style view so it is easier to edit the code. At the moment it is very dificult to edit the code as the separate windows are way to narrow.

This is the type of view I am asking about:-

This is what I am getting as you can see the sections are very narrow and very hard to see and edit the code:-

Thanks in advance for your time and help.


Sorry if my above post sounds a little harsh id does not mean to. I think once I look at the code in the teplate files then I will get the hang of how the templates are created. It is just a little difficult to view the code as you can see by my screenshot :(

Again I appologise  :-[

Thank you kindly in advance for your time and assistance.


Please look a the first screenshot you just posted.

Look at where the top black arrow is pointing "Prefill templae code and options with a preset"

Click the dropdown. You can now select between various templates that configures and sets:

  • All sorts of options used when egenratting the sitemap
  • The code emitted while the sitemap is generated

Press the "open" button next to the downdown when you have selected one.

There is not notepad solution because:

  • Depending on options different code sections ae emitted during sitemap generation
  • Some code sections are emitted many times, e.g. indicidial sitemap "folders" and sitemap items

However the text edits for the individual fields should dynamicly resize to accomodate the text inside them making it (much) easier to edit.

This behavior must have been lost during OS X porting process. I will release a patch soon.
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Thank you kindly for your reply :)

I will try out your suggestions and again thank you for your assistance and help it is most appreciated.

I forgot to mention I was using Windows 7 for my OS and using the latest version of A1 Sitemap Generator which is 7.01 I think :)

I had an idea it may have been a software bug hence I posted the two images to show and highlight the differences I was talking about :)


Please download the new version now (still labeled 7.0.1 on the website since this is a "hotfix") - it should address the problem. Basicly the text controls where you can enter the template/html/code now dynamicly resizes to their content. It makes it much easier :)

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I have uninstalled the old version and downloaded and reinstalled the software and the code view now is working much better. I can see how the templates are constructed. I will have ago and create a template for my website and see how it works :)

Thank you for all your time and assistance it is most appreciated.

Also please Have a Very Merry Christmas and have a Great New Year :)


Thanks for reporting the issue - still ironing out the last few quirks from the OS X porting process. Different tool and different "framework", but managed to keep the same codebase.

Let me know if you have any questions!

By the way, one cool thing about the template system is...

If you e.g. have PHP website or whatever, you can also insert such code - or maybe just generate an .inc include file included by e.g. PHP/ASP code.

That way you can truly have a HTML/CSS sitemap hat fully integrates into your existing website.

You can also use the commandline functinality to schedule A1SG to update it once every sunday or similar.
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