Get is not getting the right information.

Started by fopa, June 07, 2012, 07:48:37 AM


I have just ran a check to create a new sitemap after purchasing the software, i have noticed that a few of the indexed pages are not displaying the correct returned meta information.

For example i have a directory for Tenerife which holds a default.aspx page, however the information being returned relates to a Turkish directory which i have.

Edited screenshot link:


I was able to deduce your website URL (I think), so I will make a test scan using version 4.0.5 and get back to you.

Generally speaking I have not heard of such problems except when the session cookies support (which A1SG defaults to accept) make the website logic alter titles/content. However, that is quite rare.

Okay, I actually ran 3 tests (each with a max of one simultaneous connection) where the problem did not occur with the URL you use as example.

If you:

  • Still have the problem when using version 4.0.5
  • Do not believe above explanation about website/logic writing titles based on e.g. prior pages hit by crawler, multiple-URLs-hit-at-same-time, cookies or similar. (One way to prove/disprove such is by simply downloading the website using e.g. A1 Website Download and inspect the downloaded content. We can try that if need to be.)

please email me your project file to help me duplicate the problem:
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