How to get generator to find images in sub directories?

Started by Luba, August 02, 2012, 01:51:26 PM



The generator is only finding thumbnails of images that are in the root directory.  It is not picking up any in the many sub, and sub-sub directories.  I have MANY photo files within files that go quite deep.

What adjustment do I need to make to get all of the photographs included in the image site map?

Website is:


Your website appears to be ?

Anyhow, did you use the image sitemap preset?

If your images are hosted externally (subdomain or whatever) you will have to use the "external" image sitemap preset

anyhow, I will try make a test scan :)
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I used the preset - didn't work.
My pictures are NOT hosted elsewhere.
I have thumbnails in root domain, and then I have several folders, which in turn have several folders, dividing up the different types of images.  Eg.  Nature/Animals/Domestic    etc.

Any advice you could give me would be very appreciated.


I used image preset. Scanned website. Then created image sitemap.

I seem to find lots of images in those folders using version 4.0.6 / 4.0.7?

Have you tried sort/unsort after URL structure in website?

Have you checked the acutal created image sitemaps. (Also checked out for me to look okay.)

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