href lang alternatives do not appear

Started by ksolheim, November 20, 2017, 05:44:31 PM


We have localized sites that have a two letter code to indicate the country/language.   For example:   https//

In some cases, alternative languages are specified at the end of a dynamic page. For example:

When I ran the newest version of sitemap generator, I selected the href lang option. However, none of the alternate URLs appear in the sitemap created by the program.

I'm trying to create a sitemap like this one:   (view page source to see alternates.) 

I ran the sitemap using A1 Sitemap Generator 8.  I used as the path so the program would capture all of our localized sites. However, no alternate URLs appear in the sitemap.  Here is the sitemap created by the program:

Is there something I can change in the settings to fix this?
Or could I make a change to the data after it is captured and before the sitemap is generated?



Even without any markup to help, A1 Sitemap Generator should often be able to figure it out. However, due to a bug, this does not seem to always work properly. A fix is expected very soon.
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