HTML Sitemap output as php file? Change Directory for output of sitemaps?

Started by hammy, January 05, 2016, 05:51:47 PM



1.) I would like to output my html sitemaps as php files so they are sitemap-1.php sitemap-2.php sitemap-3.php etc...  How can this be done please I can only output so far with the html extension. As my URLs are of a 'clean' structure as in no extension included in the href of the html is it possble to do this in the output html of the page links at the bottom?


[<a href="sitemap-2">2</a>]

instead of

[<a href="sitemap-2.html">2</a>]

2.) Is it possible to change the filename from sitemap-1.php to say something like webmap-1.php?

3.) How do I change the output directory for the created sitemap files so they go in the same folder on my computer as my website files please?

4.) Also finally can I include the page descritpions under the links of the html sitemaps?

Sorry for the many questions. Hope my questions help others that may be having similar problems to me :) Thank you for you time and help in advance.




Simple choosing a pah/filename with no extension in the directory you want the files generated in should solve all those problems.

Currently the options in A1SG favours either/combinations of page titles and paths
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Thank you for your reply and assistance :)

You have answered parts of question 1, and all of questions 2 and 3 :)

The part of question 1 I am still having trouble with is the output of the html for the page links. They are still including the .php extension in the URL hyperling of the pages. What I am looking for is something like this :-

[<a href="sitemap-2">2</a>]

And not this:-

[<a href="sitemap-2.php">2</a>]

Also I have noticed that I selected 3 columns for my output for my HTML sitemap pages but it only created 2 columns. Is that a bug?

With regards to question 4 and including the page descriptions as text as an option bellow the link would give the html sitemap page more content so maybe more desirable to search engines? Maybe for a future update?

Thank you for your help :)


Sorry for my late reply. Can you email me your project file? I will take a look and ry configure it as you need (!)
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