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Started by thallstd, September 15, 2012, 07:11:45 PM


I have a site with over 850 html pages on it but A1 is generating a sitemap with only 36 html files.  The pages are not all linked from index.html and exist in various directories and subdirectories.  However I have another site structured the same way and it scans fine.  I have checked the A1 settings between the two and can't find any differences.  I have checked the .htaccess and 404 error handling on both sites and both are using the same scheme.

Any idea what else I should look at?



You should probably contact/email your project file + examples of missing URLs:

That said, you can try the following things:

Switch off "easy mode"

Scan website | Crawler options:
* Always scan directories that conttain linked URLs
* Try search for links in Javascript

Add more "start search paths" to project:
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I am having a similar problem.  The software returns no urls at all.  only the root domain.


Hi Joyce,

Sounds like you have a slightly different kind of problem.

Whenever I encounter "returns no URLs at all" it is almost always caused by webmaster using either noindex, nofollow or robots.txt exclusion in their website (which A1 Sitemap Generator defaults to obey)

Please see:

If that is not the reason in your case, please provide more details like your website URL! :)

You can either post a followup here with additional details or use email:
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