Map Sharepoint ?

Started by Duelund, February 14, 2012, 07:26:33 AM


Can I use A1 Sitemap Generator to map a Sharepoint site ?

Seems like I get a 401 Error, but only in A1.


If the Sharepoint can be accessed using HTTP or HTTPs (i.e. internet, localhost or intranet) from the computer where you are located, it should not be a problem. 401 means the request was not authorized, but if you can access the SharePoint website using e.g. FireFox then A1SG should work as well. (A1SG can be configured to perform login if that is required including e.g. "basic authentication")

Do you have any public URL for the Sharepoint website? Please email support with website address and/or details:
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I don't know about firefox, but it works in Chrome (and IE).

It is not a public site.

I have access as loggind in user in Windows domain.


And you don't have to perform any login in the browser to access the intranet SharePoint website?


Try switch off "easy mode":

Then change option:
"Scan website | Crawler engine | Default path and type handler"
HTTP using WinInet engine and settings (Internet Explorer)

Try scan again!


There's a fair chance that will work. Meanwhile, I will start investigating SharePoint :)
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Thank you.

It is crawling now and finihes without any arrors.

Now I just have to find out, how I get a viewable result :-)


Tak ;) for reporting back!

Testing SharePoint with A1SG has for a long time been on my todo list, but I just never got around to it.


As I have no practical experience with SharePoint my help will be a bit so-so, but here goes:

If you encounter crawling problems make sure:

Robots.txt, noindex or similar is not the issue

If SharePoint uses non-standard file extensions, you may want to edit dropdown of accepted file extensions in:

analysis filters:

output filters:


Creating sitemaps should be quite straightforward (XML, HTML or whatever), see these tutorials:
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Ok, that helped some. Have to fiddle with the settings.
Do you think it can link to the documents and not only the folders ?

Do you have any examples on SiteMaps, so I can see what is possible ?


A1 Sitemap Generator defaults to list

normal website page URLs
folder URLs
PDF file URLs

But you can add the types you want in "Output filters" (!)

But actually, there's an easier way... In "Scan website" there's a "Quick presets" button. Assuming you are using a recent version (otherwise download 3.5.1) you can click the "add document files" (at bottom of the menu) Then rescan website and recreate e.g. XML sitemap.

It has been quite a while since I last updated the sitemap examples, but I will get it done tomorrow :)
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Okay, I updated the samples:


Note these examples are all using the default settings. If you want to tailor HTML sitemaps to your own layout or even make very advanced visual HTML/CSS/Javascript sitemaps, that is possible as well. Check the following two help pages:

(I am working on on adding my builin "visual" sitemap templates to A1SG, but the system in A1SG is made so you can mimic your own layout since you can fully control what HTML and other code is outputted)


Remember e.g. XML sitemaps are only for search engines, but if you want to make them nicer looking for humans, that is also possible:
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