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Title: Missing XML tags
Post by: cwallace on January 21, 2020, 07:30:51 PM
I did an 'image' scan on my site from scratch. I uploaded the maps and added them to google and I got an error stating I was missing XML tags.

I am attaching the error message and a shot of my XML file beginning...

Well I thought I was going to attach an image file...I guess we are doing this blind...

Error message says:

This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit.

Line 3                                    Parent tag:         urlset
                                               Tag:                     url

Looking at my file I don't see anything that looks out of sorts and obviously it was built by the software.

I am also getting the 'couldn't fetch' error with a secondary error once I click the first error that states that 'Sitemap could not be read'

I then click the provided link to 'Display sitemap' and it loads right up...


Title: Re: Missing XML tags
Post by: cwallace on January 22, 2020, 11:48:34 AM
I have done some extensive reading on this today as I found a great thread on emplmentation and structuring sitemaps for multiple sites and across all protocols.

I am going to do some testing and rebuild them then give a few days to propagate and basically let the dust settle then report back...:)

New version is running great BTW!! If anyone here hasn't upgraded I would recomend it.

Title: Re: Missing XML tags
Post by: Webhelpforums on February 02, 2020, 04:30:02 PM
In case of any persistent problems you can always email for fastest support: https://www.microsystools.com/home/contact.php (https://www.microsystools.com/home/contact.php)

Version 10.1.4 is being released today for both Windows and Mac
Title: Re: Missing XML tags
Post by: cwallace on February 23, 2020, 12:27:48 PM
I believe I have resolved all issues. It was more of an issue with google not liking my transition from http to https and entirely new updated stuff that conflicted with their indexing...

After several weeks of regular scans and updating of indexes across all the domains I believe we are in perfect working order.

I have finished all of my scripts for automation also and will be scheduling them to run via task scheduler...I am going to let that run a week or so and see what the end results are in indexing and traffic growth in general.

Tremedous software...I wish I had found it fifteen years ago...lol...