ONLY index is scanned

Started by ronthai, March 02, 2014, 09:46:51 AM



2 of my sites will not scan. They will NOT go any further then the main index page (=domain name).

This index.html is an introduction page that then leads with a link to a WordPress setup, but the scan never gets there. When it is finished within 20 seconds, only the index shows in the sitemap.

1 site (domain name) is brand new, well 2+ months old and even Google only has the first index page and nothing more, when search for ""

I have no robots/txt or anything in the domains.

Any idea's here??

I have no problems with any of my other websites.


Have you checked if your pages are marked noindex? (Possibly if HTTP headers with noindex are sent) That is the most common explanation for what you are experiencing.

Otherwise, please write your website URLs that are causing you problems or email them:
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Don't I feel stupid now :o

Setting in WP was ON (Discourage search engines from indexing this site)


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