problem generating sitemap

Started by newuesr, July 13, 2011, 12:25:42 PM


I need to generate sitemap for my archive website. there's lots of broken links. I have html files, aspx, pdfs, some folders/files upper case. When i created sitemap:
a) doesn't have all nodes
b)i have lots of duplicated nodes
c)i don't get my pdf files

I'm using trail version but we need a tool for our websites to create sitemaps.
Any suggestions?

Thank you



You can configure all those things in A1 Sitemap Generator (make sure to use a recent version)

By the way: What gets shown after website scan may include URLs not included in the final sitemap. (e.g. URL that responded with error codes are not included in final sitemaps when using default configuration.)

What gets shown after website scan depends on e.g. robots.txt, nofollow, noindex, canonical handling and configuration of output filters.

While duplicate URLs are shown (to help you identify them on your website) many duplicate URLs are automatically removed from the final generated sitemap. (Including e.g. canonical)

If you have broken URLs, you should fix them. A1 Sitemap Generator does make them up :) Check this tutorial on finding and fixing broken links.


Do feel free to contact us directly with your website details (e.g. "I have xxx website, I don't see where A1SG finds a link to yyy URL which does not exist") You can also post website problem details here if you wish :)
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