Retesting a range of URLs from the Sitemap Output Tab

Started by will1968, February 19, 2015, 03:06:27 PM



I have a bunch or URLs that initially returned response code of 8 (rcRedirectCanonical).

I have since refreshed the website so that these pages are no have a canonical redirect on them.

So I want to clear the current response code of 8 (rcRedirectCanonical) results so that these URLs appear in sitemap.

To do this I can individually click on one URL at a time a click Test: Get and the URL will be retested and a 200 OK results is returned. But this is V slow.

Is it possible to highlight a range of URLs and force them to be retested rather than laboriously clicking on each individual URL and retesting?

I tried doing Start Scan with resume(fix errors) selected but no joy!




Recently added new information to this help page:

Section "Force Recrawl of Certain URLs"

That will perform a true recrawl of those URLs.
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Many thanks. I am not sure I could have worked that out on my own!!

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