Selecting multiple pages addresses in Sitemap generator 2.3.0

Started by danmasse, August 13, 2010, 10:37:49 AM


Hello !

I have been using V 1 for some time, and upgraded to V 2.3.0

The map, as returned by the generator, includes a number of pages which I do not want to show in the final version of the map.

Using the former version of the generator, I could select several lines at a time, using the Shift-click command. I could then easily and quickly select the unwanted pages, and delete them.

The Shift-click command does not work in V 2.3... Is there any other way to select several pages at the same time ?

Thanks !




I will look into adding it back again. The multi select got removed a very long time ago when changing to a more a more memory efficient tree view component. However, if I recall correctly, I just never ever got around to re-implement multi-select. Hereby added to my todo list for 2.3.x series! :)

By the way, you can use output filters to prevent the crawler engine picking up pages you do not want.
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OK, this feature will be back in 2.3.1 :)

I was already working on something similar, but I have changed that to multiselect now :)
It is also possible to mass edit crawler states, titles, response codes etc.
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Just upload new version 2.3.1 to public at sitemap generator product page.

Let me know if you find any bugs or similar. I just wanted to get it out now. I don't expect any bugs since most additions been in beta for long time, but then again, making a last-day change have often proved to be a poor idea :)
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