Several videos on one page and A1 video sitemaps?

Started by pmb, August 18, 2011, 05:08:03 PM



when creating a video sitemap with A1, the program inserts the page main title tag as the video title tag into the sitemap. I have three videos on a certain page (which should stay on one page) getting all the same title this way. When I submit the corresponding video sitemap to Google, it complains about dublicate title tags (and descriptions, btw).  The same applies to videos I have (all locally hosted) as a .flv file (JW Player) as well as a .mov fallback in a script.

Any way out? Is there a way to allocate to the videos separate title tags which A1 will acknowledge then to differentiate them?

Thanks for any hint,


I believe that the next version will improve on this. If anyone beyond the OP interested, P/M :)
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