Sitemap Generator - Specifying or Excluding Player

Started by stormwebent, December 29, 2010, 09:34:50 AM



Is there a way to exclude a video player, or specify which one(s) should be used.
Sitemap Generator keeps using the wrong player (one which is only used for a particular affiliate program's embedded videos) and not the main 2 video players.

I am thinking there must be  a way to filter out said player, or specify which player to use. Say the player I want to exclude is located at where would I enter that info to stop it from using that player? Also, do you think the fact that the player in question is at the top (in the sidebar) has anything to do with it? Just wondering why A1 Sitemap Generator has chosen that particular player.


If you can PM me your website address, I can try look into if I can make player selection smarter!

If player is internally hosted/placed, you can use output filters to exclude it. (But I assume the unwanted player is an external URL?)

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Argh! Did not see before 31st. I've PM'ed you back. We will take rest over email/PM :)
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