Testimonial: Microsys Tools is just great

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Testimonial: Microsys Tools is just great
« on: April 30, 2010, 02:48:21 PM »
I use the A1 software for two years now. Each time I put a new article on my two year old site (http://www.1001tips.be) I use the A1 Sitemap generator to create my new sitemap. It's quick and good. In the beginning you have to put the parameters right, but after that it's a real timesaving program. And Google really likes my sitemaps :P.
I have now 506 articles (in Dutch) and they are almost all indexed. I have about 50.000 unique visitors / month. Thanks to the A1 Keyword Research, the A1 Sitemap Generator and the A1 Website Analyser. I also use them to quickly validate each page (XHTML Strict!) for W3.org and CSS, among other things. You can easily check for broken links, find good keywords etc.
I haven't lots of backlinks to my site. So it's all about on site optimization. That's the power of Microsys Tools!


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