Video sitemap Not generated

Started by kriru, June 19, 2011, 07:47:06 AM



I have installed trial version of A1 sitemap generator.

I want to create a Video sitemap for site

The video on this site are hosted on and then embedded.

Here is what I did -

1) I scanned the website
2) Selected preset - xml sitemap : google video
3) Generated the sitemap

When the sitemap was generated it contained no data about the video.

Please see the screenshot - , the external sitemap thing seems to give an error.

I do not mind purchasing your software but want to make sure that your code can give google video sitemap for


I will take a look :) Just for clarification, the steps are:

In "scan website":

1) Click "Quick presets..." and select "Google video sitemap"
2) Start scan

In "Create sitemap"

1) In dropdown "Sitemap file kind to build" select "XML Sitemap: Google Video"
2) Click "Build now"

There's no error as such with the external links. But A1SG just defaults to not check external links (i.e. the "no request" thing). As I have not programmed special support for and the URLs do not indicate they are video files, A1SG does not pick up those URLs in a useful way for video sitemaps. I am currently running a test scan where I have enabled "Verify external links" in "Crawler options". If correct MIME type is returned, then it should work. (A1SG can recognize video files both on MIME type and file extension)

If it still does not work (I will test it), I will take a deeper look and probably extend code :)


Above just my first impressions. Will need to take a deeper look for final conclusions :)
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I will need to take a closer look. Give me a day or two :)
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Forgot to report my findings yesterday: I think it is because the external video URLs used in website redirect to the real video links. But the video sitemap builder code currently filters of all URLs that don't have proper response codes, mime types etc.... This therefor Includes URLs that redirect.

Anyways, taking second look now. I will try figure out a solution :)

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Believe a beta is ready for you that solves the problem :)

Please email and you will be sent you link + project file! :)
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