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Started by fopa, April 26, 2012, 09:11:06 AM



I have installed your product (A1 Sitemap Generator) to evaluate the effectivitiy of the application however i have a question or two which i have so far failed to find answers for.

When i scan my website and the Analysis results are returned a few of my pages have a Yellow triangle exclaimation mark next to the page.  Clearly there is an issue but i have been unable to find any reference in the help files which helps identify what the problem is.

Could somebody please direct me to some documentation which will explain what the error actually means?

Also i noticed that the advertised price for the sitemap generator product is $50 but on the products page and the checkout it is in fact $70.  So what is the price of the product? and from an e-commerce perspective it would be beneficial for customers to know the correct price, if the price is different than advertised at checkout then generaly customers will just close the page at checkout.



On all download websites, only the "Pro" version is submitted stating price is 69$ (if anyone lists any different, they are wrong.)

As I don't include price in any advertisements, it only leaves two choices: Either what you saw was not an advertisement (?) or it was a rouge affiliate. If the latter, please email:

If you are referring to the product page
it states in the yellow circle "from 49$ dollar"... And then below there is a *big* box (should be immediately visible *without* scrolling) high-lighting differences between "Pro" and "Standard" editions including listing the two different prices... If you missed it, I am open to suggestions, but I have tried present everything up-front.


Anyhow, onwards to your question, check this help page:

It explains all HTTP response codes + A1SG error/state codes. The "warning" icon is explained as well on the help page (scroll to bottom), but it merely means... Well some sort of error occurred.

Supposing it was e.g. 404 "not found" (common), here's how you can solve broken links/redirects:

Hope this helps!
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