What has been updated in version 9.x

Started by nigelfreeney, February 25, 2018, 04:47:10 PM



In checking the version history it says that there have been "tonnes of" fixes and updates - what has actually been fixed and updated - I'm thinking of upgrading I would just like some details please.


I know this is a weak point - cumbing daily/weekly/monthly fixes and improvements into a single entry in history log :)

Main areas include

  • improved hreflang
  • improved  video sitemaps
  • improved mac support
  • ton of small fixes and improvemens in crawler and everywhere

However - besides A1SG 9.0.0 - rest assured that 8.2.0 is still an extremely capable  sitemap generator tool out there (and will continue to work) - you are not forced to upgrade now. Just have in mind that development continues, so you can always try 9.x if you need support for a new feature or have problems with a website.
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