What settings do I use to get my image sitemap to search deep into directories?

Started by Luba, September 11, 2012, 02:17:01 PM



I have no problem making an image sitemap... the trouble is, it only finds images in the first "image" directory.  I have another directory that has 105 sub directories containing my images.

After the website scan the directory (which has the other ones in it) shows "403 forbidden".  This is only happening with this program.....  I tried with another, and it can get into them nicely.  (I like A-1 better since it is MUCH faster.... the other program takes 2 1/2 hours to scan and build my image sitemap).

I got A-1 to scan them all once... but I don't remember what I played around with.

I'd appreciate any help anyone could give.


Hi Luba,

Moved your post to the official A1 Sitemap Generator forum :)

Quote"403 forbidden"

Sounds like the webserver/website may not like the A1SG user agent.
Try switch the HTTP engine to WinInet and the user agent string to e.g. Internet Explorer. More details here:

QuoteI have another directory that has 105 sub directories containing my images.

Add search paths:

Quotebut I don't remember what

Do also remmeber to use the image scan preset:

QuoteI'd appreciate any help anyone could give.

If you continue to have problems, just email support:
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