Your Sitemap does not contain any URLs.

Started by layyous, May 25, 2013, 11:53:08 AM


Your Sitemap does not contain any URLs. Please validate and resubmit your Sitemap. that is the message I am getting from google webmaster toos, please help


Please try:
* Rescan your website
* Confirm scan went okay
* Rebuild the sitemap
* Confirm it looks correct
* Re-upload the sitemap
* Confirm you uploaded the sitemap file correct
* Check the sitemap URL that it looks correct
* Resubmit sitemap
* Wait a day or two for Google Webmaster Tools to update status

If the problem persists, please give more details like what sitemap file kind you are trying to create, link to uploaded sitemap file etc. If you don't want to use forum for this, you can also email
TechSEO360 |  | A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer etc.


I have done all as advised, now I will wait for 2 days for webmaster tools

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