HTML Sitemap permissions set/changed

Started by john stro, January 06, 2020, 07:05:14 AM

john stro

Running the generator works, for the most part, however, the HTML Sitemap file created has the permissions 666 and any attempt to open it gets 500 error.  Changing the permissions of the file to 644 resolves this issue.  Is there a way to keep it from changing the permissions or to have it set the correct permissions?


Did you mean to post this in the official A1 Sitemap Generator support board?

This board is for more general questions about sitemaps:

(from your description I *think* it is a possibility you are possibly using a competing tool?)

But in case you are using A1 Sitemap Generator and waiting for an answer:

You are probably using the built-in FTP upload?

It is first time I have heard of there being a permissions issue, but I will try look into it.

Are you using the Mac version of the software?

For now please email us directly:
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