What are the types of Sitemaps in SEO?

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There are principally two types of sitemaps: HTML sitemap (written in Hypertext Markup Language) XML sitemap (written in Extensible Markup Language)

We also use other site map like,

  • Text Sitemaps.

  • Mobile Sitemaps.

  • RSS Feed Sitemaps.

  • ROR Sitemaps.

  • News Sitemaps.

  • Image Sitemaps, Video Sitemaps, etc.


There are two types of XML sitemap one is XML and other is HTML sitemap.


There are basically two types of sitemap: HTML sitemap and XML Sitemap. The HTMl sitemap is created for the end users as it provides them an easy way to navigate through the website and take a look at all the categories and products at once. Whereas the XML sitemap is for internet crawlers to find the webpages of our site. Each search engine has their own crawlers.

The XMl sitemap is sometimes further categorized into different categories based on kind of website it is created. So, the other sitemaps  are Video Sitemap
Image Sitemap
RSS Sitemap
News Sitemap
Mobile Sitemap
For large ecommerce websites the Sitemap is sometimes also placed in zip format tar.gz
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