Deal with business card

Started by Jerry Huskins, December 10, 2012, 02:27:14 AM

Jerry Huskins

Hi every one!
After an event you normal have so lot of business cards. They are very important for your business. Where will you put them forever?
You can use to collect all business cards on Iphone, android phone, computer or laptop Business card scanne
1.When You get Business Card from partners, no need to keep the hardcopy ... Just Capture by CardFila and the store on Cloud server forever.
2. Capture fast and simple operation (taken ~ 200 cards/10 minutes). Capture any where by mobile phone
3. Never worry about losing business cards anymore (Users often take books biz cards in a few years ...). Not hold thick book Biz Cards more ...
4. Cards had stored on the Cloud servers, and so You can access anywhere: your computer, or mobile phone (iPhone, Android phone).
5. Lose your phone, it will not take Biz Card. Only need to reinstall CardFila up new phone and login. Contacts will drag on Phone.
6. Search business cards fast when on the road with Mobile phone (not found in the book of cards thick).
7. Business Cards can search by Text even if not converted to Contacts.
8. There be required CardFila convert Business Cards into Contacts correctly within 24 hours.
I store more two hundreds of business card on Android phone now. Excellence!


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