Do you like Dreamweaver?

Started by WilmaBradd, September 27, 2012, 01:59:38 PM


Hi everyone,
There are plenty of options out to hand for sustain websites; Drupal, WordPress and Dreamweaver signify three of the main general types. These days most of the web designers prefer the 3rd option. How about you?
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Yes, I love to use Dreamweaver . It has got so many good options and tools to use.


Dreamweaver is such a headache especially when you upload the files to the server. Even the manual uploading doesn't work sometime. However in word press you can directly ftp the files to the server. 


I won't buy Dreamweaver for reason I've got free programmes that do everything I need so why pay for one?


Yes, I like to use Dreamweaver, It has many features and easy to use.


yes, sure Dreamweaver is such a  great tool for excellent web designs and used for website customization .....!


I like Dreamweaver because it has a lot of features, which is good for experts and has many things to amaze freshers..


There are many advantages and disadvantages of it. Some of them are as follows :

a. Syntax Highlighting
b. Easily draw the tables
c. You have design mode as well as code mode so you can easily edit wherever you want
d. Don't require strong html knowledge (for eg: if you draw a table in design mode it can automatically write a code in code mode)
e. Minimal time take compare to notepad.. f. Main thing is reference for many languages such as java script, Asp,Php..

a. Notepad is light weight compared to dreamweaver
b. Your coding skill will be loose here because if you working in notepad means you must have good sound in html..


I like Dreamweaver very much. I use all features of Dreamweaver. I basically use Dreamweaver for designing a website and editing codes for web pages.


Yes I like Dreamweaver and even prefer it for developing web pages. And also recommend my friends as it provides various advanced features.


Yes, I like to use Dreamweaver........  :D  ;D

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