vlc player download!!!

Started by erikduop, December 20, 2010, 06:51:26 AM


Hey everyone,

I'm having a lot of problems with VLC Player  lately. I downloaded the latest version at the vlc player download page but for some reason  it keeps crashing all the time. I used it for quite a white and it never had any bugs or crashes.I had the same issues before but they usually went away after reinstallation. So every time I try to open a video with VLC it crashes. My player used to crash too back in the day but everything got fixed with a simple reinstall. I used VLC player for quite a while but I got bored of it and want to try new things since i'm such a geek :)


Here's a link to the official free opensource VLC Player website . And yes, it's a great product :)
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Thanks for this source to download vlc.


VLC is the best media software it support all the video or the audio formats


vlc is the best media player it support almost all kind of video and audio formats


 VLC is the awesume player in which we can change the voice & videos option, There are so many functions in VLC Player ;)


VLC media player is the best player anyone should have. It doesn't consume large amount of your cpu and ram memory. Videos load faster than any other player. So, if your looking for the best player, definitely it's VLC player.
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I recommended to you to download VLC player from official site or from filehippo  to avoid the things that harm your PC

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