What is the difference between Google and Safari?

Started by anavarshney, December 21, 2019, 02:20:57 AM


Chrome uses Blink, while Safari uses WebKit. Safari is a native application, Chrome is not. Safari, therefore, is extremely power efficient due to being made specifically for Macs.


Google is a search engine whereas safari is a web browser to surf webpages.
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Chrome and Safari are web browsers. Chrome is supported and developed by Google Inc while Safari is developed and supported by Apple. Chrome is available for Linux, Windows, and iOS. A separate process is used it for each process. Safari supports OS X, iOS and Windows but after Safari 5, it is no more supporting Windows. It saves the reading list with iCloud to syncs to iOS devices.


Chrome is a project that is trying to fix all the problems that Google crated when hey cheated Chromium (upon which Chrome is built) and Google originally built Chromium on WebKit.

WebKit is the name that Apple gives to Safari when it gives it away for free, as open source, so it makes sense to simply use Safari which is clean, fast, reliable, secure and private.

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