Which is better Mozilla or Chrome?

Started by ruhikhan, December 21, 2019, 02:38:58 AM


Both browsers are very fast, with Chrome being a little faster on desktop and Firefox a little faster on mobile. They're both also resource-hungry, though Firefox becomes more efficient than Chrome the more tabs you have open. The story is similar for data usage, where both browsers are pretty much identical.


Hi Friends,

Not even a debate. Mozilla is better and more reliable than Chrome. If you are a developer then use Chrome, otherwise Mozilla as it is cleaner and smoother than Chrome.

Also Chrome is a Google product. A company which is basically all about data. So I won't trust Chrome providing any privacy to you.

On the other hand Mozilla is an open source development. Build by the people for the people. Surprisingly, Mozilla is better in providing protection from malicious websites also.


Chrome is much better compared to Mozilla firefox.
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