Which is the safest browser for Android?

Started by sonamsharma789, December 25, 2019, 02:50:28 AM


Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device.So i will tell you the safest browser for android in this post.
    1.Brave Browser
    2.Dolphin Browser
    3.Ecosia Browser
    4.Firefox Browser
    5.Google Chrome
    6.Kiwi Browser
    7.Lightning Browser
    8.Lynket (formerly Chromer)


Google chrome and mozila are the best browser for android.We are global IT services solution for website designs and development.


The safest browser for Android is below:-

• Ghostery Privacy Browser
• Brave Browser – With Chrome Feel
• Orfox Secure Browsing
• Google Chrome
• Firefox Focus
• Mozilla Firefox
• CM Browser


I use chrome, I`m not sure about its safety, but I like it.

Olivia James

Here below some are good and safe android browser,
1- Chrome Browser
2- Mozilla Firefox
3- UC Browser
4- Mini Opera
5- Brave Browser
6- Kiwi Browser

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