Wish list: project and task tracking

Started by Marina, September 18, 2014, 12:30:53 PM


I have TimeSage Pro and love it. I've been using (and recommending) it for years. One thing I have to use workarounds for is that there can only be one task assigned per row. Because I might work on tasks for different clients in one day, I'd like to be able to assign three things: a client, a project, and a task. Thanks!


Thank you for your suggestion :)

If we were to implement support for time entries with multiple tasks, I guess the statistics calculations should spread out the time between the tasks.

However, until when/if your suggestion gets implemented workarounds could include:

  • Create a separate project for each client?
  • Create a separate time-sheet for each client?
  • Create multiple time entries/rows for the client project during a single - each with a task?
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What I had in mind was two more columns next to the task/group column.

My specific need is that I am working for a single client that keeps track of each project with a unique number, and there are the same kinds of subtasks for each project. For example, Unique ID: editing, or Unique ID: meetings. I need to be able to keep track of both the totals for each unique ID and the totals for each subtask.

I guess what I could do is create tasks that look like this: Unique ID: taskname. That would work. I was thinking about how Toggl keeps track of tasks to that level.

Anyway, you have a great product. Thank you for developing it!

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