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Started by togfather, December 30, 2016, 04:18:26 AM


Hello. I am testing A1 Website Analyser before buying.

I am trying to fix pages with duplicate titles on a site that has over 10,000 dynamic pages.

I am stuck now because the "linked list" does not contain any information and I have to know the referral page URL because that has to be the page where I have some incorrect coding.

If you look at the attached screenshot below my signature you can see that the top 2 URLs have the same title, but the linked list does not show which pages refer to the second URL, which should not exist.

The fact that it does exist shows that there must be a coding error in a page somewhere, but because the "linked List" column is empty I have no way of finding the offending page, let alone the offending line of code.

Can anyone help please?

Best wishes




There is detailed information available here:

Pure guess:
You can most likely find it referenced in "redirected-to-by" sub tab  (which can include canonical, meta 0 second refresh, http 301/302)

Should you still have problems, zip and email your project folder to info -at- and we will take a look :)

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