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Started by scrup, January 10, 2012, 08:10:33 PM



is there a list of values and what they refer to for the different fields in the website analyzer program.


these are the values for SE.Indexed column.



SE.Indexed corresponds to a still "non-advertised" and undocumented feature in A1 Keyword Research and A1 Website Analyzer. Here "SE.Indexed" means "URL indexed in search engine". This feature is configured in "Scan website | Data collection". The software can check if a page is indexed and present in search results.

This slows the website scan quite a lot which is partly why it is not enabled per default.

Here is what A1 Website Analyzer does for each page URL in the website:

  • Takes the page title
  • Queries the search engine selected using the exact page title
  • Goes through the search results looking for the URL


The SE.Indexed column has values ranging from 0-255
0 = error
1..254 = placement in search results
255 = placement was 255 or above

Regarding the data columns. Just hover the mouse over the individual columns. This will show you the full column name/description. You can also configure the visible columns in the "View | Columns" top menu where you can also the full name/description. If there are more columns you are unsure about the meaning of, let me know! :)
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